Some random thoughts as I sit here in Studio Big. Pondering the many reason why New England will defeat Denver on Sunday.

1. Red Sox over Rockies in 2007, yeah!!

2. 1 mile high, ‘nuff said!

3.  Colorado gave us “Dog The Bounty Hunter”

4. Its been 40 years since “Rocky Mountain High” was a hit

5. Tom Brady’s mantle has more trophies with the Patriots than Manning does with the Broncos.

6. Bill Belichick’s hoodie has the power!

7. New England has Sam Adams Beer, lobster, clambakes and Marshmallow Fluff (invented in Lynn, Mass...thank you to Laura in Sales for that)  what does Denver have?

8. We have an ocean and you don’t!

9. That’s a lovely shade of orange you’re wearing. Blue and silver are much cooler looking.

10. Tom is a much tougher sounding name than Peyton!

Let's go Patriots!