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I'm very lucky to work with talented, creative people. It's one of the most fun things about being in radio, especially when you're around those who can do incredible impressions. These folks aren't just announcers, they become voice actors and I have always been in awe of them. Add singing into the mix and you leap into the talent stratosphere. Meet Rob Cantor. He put this video out this week. In this song, he works in 29 different voices and pretty much nails them all. Peter Griffin, Frank Sinatra and Flipper all in one song! Since the holiday weekend is here, what better way to goof off than with a funny video.

It is a week later and I got an email from one of the people associated with the project. In reality, it was the result of lots of hard work on the part of eleven impressionists and one extremely talented audio/video engineer. The behind the scenes video is as awesome as the original piece!