I'm sure she's going to wake up any minute and go play with her whale friends!

While people far and wide went to sneak a peek at the 45 foot humpback known as Snowplow that washed ashore on Monday, officials are now asking everyone to keep their distance.

Why? Spoiler alert (literally), the whale isn't actually sleeping but is rotting. Rotting whales run the risk of exploding which is as dangerous and disgusting as it sounds.

Due to the humpbacks status as an endangered species, officials are trying to figure out what killed the poor thing. They do hope to tow the carcass out to see before the holiday weekend arrives because that's not the sort of fireworks people want to see for the 4th.

For more information on what to do should you encounter a stranded animal, or to donate to the work that the Seacoast Science Center does, check out this page on their website.

Those interested in the safety and well-being (whale being?) of these mammals in general check out our friend Roger Wood's informative story about whale entanglement.