You've seen video from one of these whether you know it or not. It's also ironic that I have an egg video this morning because one might well ask... "Which came first, the viral video or the Go Pro?" Go Pro is a brand name for a little camera that costs between $200 and $400, is pretty indestructible, shoots high quality video and is born to be internet-friendly. Some models even come with built in Wi-Fi so you can get to the internet without that pesky computer or smart phone.

We've all seen videos shot with these things attached to dashboards, helmets on surfers, bicyclists, skydivers and all other manner of daredevils. But today, we find a guy in the kitchen with way too much time to kill. Ever wonder what an egg being poached really looks like close-up? Probably not, but like I said, this guy had a little more time on his hands than most of us. Ever wonder if you could take a $200 to $400 electronic device and toss it into a pot of boiling water?

That's exactly what this guy did. Tossed an egg and his Go Pro into a pot of boiling water for a close-up view of the poaching process.