And is "stupider" a real word?  The latest came over the weekend.  Saturday was Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, a day we set aside to remember those who were killed or injured in the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941.

There are many acceptable ways to make note of this historical day.  Below is not one of them.  Karen and I provided hosting duties for the crowd and for Exeter Cable TV Saturday for the 56th Annual Exeter Holiday Parade.  It was nice that several veteran's groups were part of the parade and we had the opportunity to thank them for their service to our country, and to note that the parade was taking place on Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Below is a tweet from the Campbell's Soup folks.  They also own childhood favorite Spaghetti-O's... As in "Oh-Oh, Spaghetti-O's!"  If you're running a big company like Campbell's Soup, aren't you supposed to be smarter than this?  Maybe I'd give these guys a pass if they did this for the Fourth of July... That's patriotic and celebratory.  Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day is an entirely different mood.  After getting Twitter-flamed for a few hours, somebody at Campbell's had the tweet removed and posted an apology.

Campell's Soup Tweet

Oh-Oh Spaghetti-O's indeed.