Well, the raging headcold I've had for the past two days, has now turned to a raging headcold plus laryngitis. But have no fear, I lit up the bat signal and help was soon on the way!

Well, the bat signal is actually in the form of a text!

First of all, the fact I know what a bat signal is proves I'm spending way too much time with Mark!  Secondly, did you check out the time of my text.  Like it's no big deal to wake someone up in what is the middle of the night in a normal person's world.

Yup, that's right the 'Pride of Colebrook' back in Studio Big. Megan "Bunch" Brady

But, not my world.  Come on Megan, GET OUTTA BED!

Tim Tern can't get away from the redheads!

As they say in show biz, "The Show Must Go On," so Megan joins Tim Tern and Mark this morning for all the fun and frivolity.  Hopefully, I'll have a voice come Monday.  If not, I'm sure Megan won't mind another text at 2:37 in the morning!