I read this spot on and hysterical viral article about what a ten month old really wants for Christmas, including things like "that hole in the floorboard" and "everybody's eyeglasses." While a fantastic list, it is certainly not complete-- so I give you what my 11 month old wants for Christmas.

  • THE MODEM  - Oooh, blinking lights AND assorted cables!? Jackpot!
  • WOODEN SPOON - So delicious and have you heard the noise it can make? Let me demonstrate. THWACK, THWACK, THWACK!
  • THAT LOOSE THREAD - I want to know where the rest of it is so I'm just going to pull on it for awhile.
  • THE REMOTE - Honestly, it's a good bet that I'm going to want this the rest of my life. I'm going to lay my claim now by slobbering on it.
  • THAT! - I'm pointing right at it! Not that, THAT! Can't you tell what I'm pointing at?! Ooh, and that too! *points*
  • MY SOCKS - It's more that I'd rather put them in my mouth than have them covering my feet. Covering my toes?! What a silly concept!
  • A BOWL - Plastic bowls are great (and don't get me started on the toilet bowl) but this bowl that I can see through is pretty great too! 
Don't strain yourself!
So what does your baby want for Christmas?