Everyone's dog is different, just like all people are different. It's what makes dogs so cool. Brandy, The Morning Waking Pooch is a shelter dog, from The Cocheco Valley Humane Society. Join us this Sunday for their Tails 2 Trails Dog Walk.

Brandy came to New Hampshire from an out-of-state shelter with not a lot of information. Up until 2K adopted her it looks like Brandy had a pretty rough life. She's pretty much a pampered pooch these days but is still very wary of people. Brandy is lucky she found Karen and we're hoping you can help out our friends at Cocheco Valley this Sunday.

While Brandy is cool in her own way, the video below brings "cool dog" to whole new level. A very high level. Take a couple minutes to enjoy Whisper... The Base Jumping Dog.