You would think I would know better than to take Brandy, the Morning Waking Pooch out for her early morning walk without dressing for the weather.As I was rounding the corner coming back to the house, I walked right into an ankle-deep puddle.  Now, I could blame it on Brandy wanted to frolick in the rain, but she hates it.  I could blame it on being so dark outside that I couldn't see the puddle, but the street lights were working.  So, I take full responsibility for walking right into the puddle wearing only sneakers.  I squished and squeaked the rest of the way home.  I did not have time to go inside and change, so I jumped in my car and drove to work.  I always keep an extra pair of socks and a pair of slippers at my desk, mostly for winter weather.  So, thankfully, I was able to change socks and wear slippers. ( I look very professional today!)  But, I digress, what bothers me most is that I knew how bad the weather was before heading outside and I have rain boots.  Did I wear them?  Noooooooooooo  The boots are safe, warm and dry in my garage.

source: morguefile