Whenever this subject comes up in conversation, people can't believe that I'm from New England and I don't eat seafood.  None, zilch, nada.

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When my brother and I were kids, our family would head out for day trips to either Hampton Beach or Plymouth, MA. Every one of those trips would involve a lunch that consisted of seafood.  My mother, father and brother would be feasting on steamers, haddock etc. While I was sitting quietly with my cheeseburger!  I think it was the steamers that turned me off to all seafood.  The look, smell, and feel of those slippery little suckers would make my stomach turn.

I know the above video clip doesn't depict steamers, but it's close enough!

It's a shame I don't like fish because a lot of seafood dishes look really tasty, but I just can't bring myself to try any of it.   What about you?  What are some of  the foods you've never tried?