Those are just some of the topics we touched upon during The Morning Waking Crew.

I'm a bit depressed today...for the past three years Ohio State has let me down in college hoops. However, I did pick Harvard over Cinnci!

Ohio St. let me down again!

Zac Brown Band Playing Fenway Park

credit Getty Images, Rick Diamond

Mark took a trip to Boston yesterday for a special concert announcement! He also had a fantastic BBQ lunch, courtesy of the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park and Zac Brown Band. The major announcement was that ZBB will be in concert at Fenway in June.  The Morning Waking Crew will have your 'Win 'em before you can buy 'em' tickets all next week.  Make sure you tune in.

Another Storm Headed Our Way

credit Getty Images Joshua Lott

Meteorologist Rob Carolan made a shiver go down our spines this morning when he said there is a possibility of what he called a "scary storm" heading toward our area next week.

As for your forecast for today and the weekend, Rob says we'll see a mix of clouds, sun and wind, with a high of 44...mostly cloudy in the North Country, maybe a rain or snow shower and a high of 38...more snow everywhere tonight. Under an inch for southern NH and 2-4 inches for the North Country.

Rob rated the weekend a *4.*

Jennifer Nettles Duet

credit Getty Images Rick Diamond

Are you a Jennifer Nettles Fan?  We all know she's no stranger to duets (Sugarland, Jon Bon Jovi, Richard Marx, etc) But, you HAVE to check out the video of her duet with newcomer singer/songwriter, Will Hoge.

Top News Stories

Search Continue In Southern Indian Ocean
Australia says the hunt will be extended for another day as search planes sent to check out possible debris from the missing Malaysian airliner return without any new information.

Senate Panel Backs Gas Tax Hike
A state Senate panel has backed a 4-cent hike in the tax on gas and diesel in a deal to finish the expansion of Interstate 93.  The full Senate is expected to vote on the bill next week.

Verizon Looks to NH for Employees
Verizon Wireless says it's looking to fill 41 full-time retail and sales jobs in New Hampshire.  The company says its part of a larger recruitment effort across New England to add 330 employees in the six states.

Stupid News

Executive Director of the Miami-Dade County Crime Stoppers takes a 'bite out of crime!'

I've always loved McGruff, the Crime Dog.

Joke du Jour

A psychiatrist was talking to one of his patients and told the man he had good news and bad news for him.  The good news was that the man had a split personality.  The bad news was that the doctor was going to bill him twice!

Coming Up on Monday

Mark and I will be chatting about your secret hiding spots, either now or when you were a kid.  Plus, Jerry Gappens from New Hampshire Motor Speedway will be calling in with some news!