After an exhaustive survey on social media, our ELF has been named!Thanks to Jennifer, a listener who lives in San Diego, California, our elf will forever be known as "TUNES!"  We think it's a great name for a radio station elf.  What do you think?  Make sure you follow "TUNES" on his adventures around the WOKQ/WPKQ studios! How much mischief do you think "TUNES" will get into?  Do you think he'll have good news to report on his nightly journeys to the North Pole?  Do you think he'll find a way to escape the radio station on weekends?  Do you think "TUNES" will at some point show up during the Big Morning Broadcast?  ......TUNE in and find out!!!!!

It's a cold day in the newsroom...our elf has snowballs!