10 Year Old Andy Austin Pretends To Be On WOKQ
I'm a radio nerd. Growing up, being on the air is all I wanted to do. Then again, in the same time frame, I wanted to be a truck driver, dentist, and the doorman at Gibbs. (The gas station, not the NASCAR team) Radio is what stuck.
If you've scanned my OKQ profile, you know I gre…
You Get One Concert…Who’s On Stage?
Last night's CMA Awards show reminded me there are still many artists I've yet to see. So, the question came up: Who's the one artist you still want to see?
With a number of country and rock artists passing away in the last few years, there's a little urgency with the classics...
New England Going On Puerto Rico Time?
The Eastern time zone is what we know, but what if it changed?
A commission is studying the possibility of moving Massachusetts from the Eastern time zone to the Atlantic time zone, currently home to Puerto Rico and a number of eastern Canadian provinces, the Wall Street Journal reports...
Chatting With Garth: Such an Honor! [LISTEN]
Garth Brooks returns to New England in two months when he plays the TD Garden in Boston on January 22nd, 23rd and 24th with "Miss Yearwood", as Garth calls Trisha. I had the honor to chat with Garth this morning and get his take on the tour and country music.
Chase Bryant Visits Studio Big [WATCH]
Yet another rising country star came by WOKQ on Monday afternoon to say hi and introduce his music to New England. Chase Bryant is a very personable guy who comes from deep musical roots, has been on a big tour recently and has a hot song on the charts.
Will Ferrell Pumps Up Soccer Fans in Brazil [VIDEO]
Ala Suarez, he offered to bite every German player if needed! After watching, even those who have resisted soccer fever so far will be amped up for USA's game next Tuesday against (most likely) Belgium. I bet they taste better...