Big Drive Home

Soccer Needs More Samurai [VIDEO]
Look, I was excited as anyone when the US pulled off that win against Ghana the other day-- but that doesn't mean soccer wouldn't be improved with more Samurai.
All By Myself [VIDEO]
It's Father's Day Weekend and I'm all by myself. It's weird. My wife is in upstate New York celebrating her college reunion and she brought the boy along to show him off-- which leaves me... well, feeling like this guy. (edit: he's emoting, not celebrating)
54 Dad Jokes in Four Minutes [VIDEO]
I bet your dad dropped some of these on you and thought he was hysterical in so doing. What is the worst/corniest/Dad-Jokiest joke your dad told?
Best Luigi Inspired Death Stare [POLL]
My favorite internet meme of 2014 (so far) is the oh so awesome Luigi Death Stare, inspired by the new Mario Kart game. But why let Luigi have all the fun? We here are at WOKQ offer up our best Luigi-inspired Death Stares for your amusement. Please note no turtles were harmed in the writing of this …
A Plunger Alternative You Need to See [VIDEO]
This may be the number one solution to your number two problem. If you hate having a dirty plunger laying around your bathroom, it's your duty to have this product. Consider it a back-up plan.
Guy Eats Pizza at the Gym [VIDEO]
Before you judge this guy (who so happens to be in a judgement free zone), admit it-- you've binged on fast food immediately after going to the gym! Kudos to this guy for getting it all done at once.

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