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Stealing Candy from a Baby is Just Being Responsible
The best part of Halloween as a new parent is dressing your kid up in awesome costumes and going trick or treating. Bonus? Stealing candy from a baby is good parenting because most candies present a choking hazard.
Willy Wonka Recut as a Horror Movie [VIDEO]
My sister was always terrified of Willy Wonka. She's not alone, many have shared her fears of the trippy Gene Wilder (and superior) version of this film. Watching this recut trailer only amplifies how creeptastic it is!
Top Five Foods for Fall in New England [RECIPES]
When New Englanders say fall is their favorite season, it's a safe bet they aren't referring to November. That's why we seek out these five hearty foods to survive the less celebrated side of the season!
Marvel’s New Avengers Trailer Will Rock You [VIDEO]
Ever been in a theater waiting for your movie when a trailer comes on that is so good that you no longer care about what you just paid to see? This is one of those trailers. God help you if it runs before some Nicholas Sparks chick flick you've been dragged to.

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