Big Drive Home

Roy Interviews a Trophy. Yes, a Trophy. [VIDEO]
So me and my pal plan on hanging out a bit more real soon. Y'see, this is the Coastal New England Baseball League Championship trophy and the team I play for has designs on bringing the trophy home this coming Sunday.
Ninja or Pirate and the UNH Football Home Opener [VIDEO]
Would your favorite UNH football player rather be a ninja or a pirate? Erm, we'll get to that in a moment. First, I want you to be aware that UNH opens the home portion of its schedule at 3:30 tomorrow against the Lehigh Mountain Hawks.
Where Did Roy Go This Weekend [PICS]
So where did I go this weekend? I should preface that I know the answer, as this was not a blackout drunk weekend. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.
My Ice Cream Place Closed for the Season!
Aww man, already!? It's supposed to be near 90 today (and frankly, it could be 45 and I'd still be tempted to stop) but my local ice cream place has closed it's doors for the season.
My Introduction to Joan Rivers [VIDEO]
Faster than a rolling O! Stronger than a silent E! Able to leap a capital T in a single bound! It's a word... it's a plan... it's Letterman! Those were the words that introduced me to Joan Rivers.

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