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Saturday Morning Cartoons are a Thing of the Past [VIDEO]
Saturday morning cartoons are officially a thing of the past. This weekend, for the first time in several decades, no over the air network will devote its entire Saturday morning to cartoons. It's the end of an era.
When I was a kid (wow, I just said that) cartoons were appointment viewing-- I rememb…
Tom Brady: The End is Near But it isn’t Here
Tom Brady is 37 and undeniably no longer in his prime. Sure, the offensive line is brutal, play calling is suspect and the receivers aren't inspiring a great deal of confidence. All this is true-- but what is also true is that Tom Brady in 2014 is not a great quarterback.
Bruins Preseason Starts Tonight but Game Won’t Be Televised
Last time you watched the Bruins, you likely felt like this guy after the Game 7 loss to the Canadiens. The 2014-15 season starts tonight against those same Canadiens. Well, sort of-- preseason games don't really mean anything (but neither do Red Sox games at this point, right?). Unfortunately, whil…
Roy’s Apple Picking Journey at Demeritt Hill Farm [PICS]
Every family in New England should be required to go apple picking in the fall-- or in our case, the last official weekend of summer.
The family piled into the car this weekend and ventured out to Demeritt Hill Farm in Lee for our fix of apples and, um, tractors...

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