Big Drive Home

Where Did Roy Go This Weekend [PICS]
So where did I go this weekend? I should preface that I know the answer, as this was not a blackout drunk weekend. Quite the opposite, as a matter of fact.
My Ice Cream Place Closed for the Season!
Aww man, already!? It's supposed to be near 90 today (and frankly, it could be 45 and I'd still be tempted to stop) but my local ice cream place has closed it's doors for the season.
My Introduction to Joan Rivers [VIDEO]
Faster than a rolling O! Stronger than a silent E! Able to leap a capital T in a single bound! It's a word... it's a plan... it's Letterman! Those were the words that introduced me to Joan Rivers.
Wait for the Amazing Finish to the Painting [VIDEO]
I'm a big fan of art in public spaces. Whether it be a subway busker or street performer juggling, I'm apt to drop a dollar and watch. Heck, even mimes amuse me. That said, what this guy does is just phenomenal.

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