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Will Ferrell Pumps Up Soccer Fans in Brazil [VIDEO]
Ala Suarez, he offered to bite every German player if needed! After watching, even those who have resisted soccer fever so far will be amped up for USA's game next Tuesday against (most likely) Belgium. I bet they taste better...
Drunk Luke Bryan Fan Gets WWE Treatment [VIDEO]
There's a pretty good chance you saw this drunk dude stumbling around online already (if you haven't, it's pretty great in a "I've been there but thank god nobody filmed it" kind of way). How to make it better? Add some WWE commentary. This is why you love the i…
Soccer Needs More Samurai [VIDEO]
Look, I was excited as anyone when the US pulled off that win against Ghana the other day-- but that doesn't mean soccer wouldn't be improved with more Samurai.
All By Myself [VIDEO]
It's Father's Day Weekend and I'm all by myself. It's weird. My wife is in upstate New York celebrating her college reunion and she brought the boy along to show him off-- which leaves me... well, feeling like this guy. (edit: he's emoting, not celebrating)
54 Dad Jokes in Four Minutes [VIDEO]
I bet your dad dropped some of these on you and thought he was hysterical in so doing. What is the worst/corniest/Dad-Jokiest joke your dad told?

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