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Apparently This Kid is Awesome [VIDEO]
Apparently, you need to watch this interview because, apparently, it is pretty great. Noah Ritter apparently made his live tv debut and it apparently went very well. Apparently this video is going viral so apparently you need to see it now!
Why is Poutine Not an American Staple?
Seriously, how is poutine not an American staple? It's a bit of a wonder to me, really. The ingredients alone suggest it would be: french fries, gravy and cheese!
20s Vs 30s: Working Out [VIDEO]
The years, they aren't always kind. Recognize yourself in this? There are about half a dozen lines you'll be repeating over and over!
How to Dad [VIDEO]
A Cheerios ad shows what being a Dad is all aboot about (the Canadian thing threw me there). Pretty great stuff though, check it out!
Everything’s OK When You’re on Vacation [VIDEO]
We've all had one of those moments-- you eat something that is destroying you from the inside out or maybe your debit card has gone AWOL-- and you just roll with it because, hey, at least you're not at work. You're on vacation!
My Car Smells Really Bad Now
Getting into your car on a hot day is bad enough. Getting into your car after your hockey gear has been stewing in old sweat for 10 straight hours is far, far worse.
Roy Makes a Donut Ice Cream Sandwich [VIDEO]
Food mashups are all the rage, and the donut ice cream sandwich one is so simple and delicious it seems strange that it isn't a staple. At the :45 second mark, you can literally see my life change.

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