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Breaking: Traffic Snarled In Portsmouth
According to seacoastonline.com, traffic on Woodbury Ave in Portsmouth could be a problem. Power line issues are causing delays in the area. Motorists are urged to seek an alternate route.
Traffic lights out on Woodbury Ave due to power line probs, police reporting @seacoastonline
— Elizabeth Dinan (@…
Sanford Mill On Fire
For the second time this year, fire crews rushed to the abandoned mill complex in Sanford. This time, to less disastrous results.
Fire crews are on the scene for a fire in the second Sanford Mill building. Police say they believe fire is already out
NH Shut Out In Top 10 List Mass Dominates
We admit it, there's a rivalry. When Maine makes a "best of" list, we wonder what happened to NH. Massachusetts is in the top 10 of something? We're no second best! (not to worry, the surrounding states do the same) So, WalletHub.com has released their annual list of…
5 Ways To Survive Your Kids Without Power
Hundreds of thousands are headed to a home that doesn't have power, and you're one of them. Also, you may have kids who won't log hours of screen time tonight. The "in my day" rant will get you as far with them as it did when your parents gave it to you...

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