Is Andrew Luck the next Tom Brady? [VIDEO]
With just five days until they meet in the AFC Championship Game, Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Andrew Luck must be asking himself if he can really beat Tom Brady and the New England Patriots pull off what would be one of the biggest upsets in NFL playoff history...
How Far Would You Go To Support Your Team?
We all know sports fans who live and die by the fates of their favorite teams. People love wearing things that celebrate the teams and players they adore. But does anyone know of someone that has taken it too far?
Tom Brady: The End is Near But it isn’t Here
Tom Brady is 37 and undeniably no longer in his prime. Sure, the offensive line is brutal, play calling is suspect and the receivers aren't inspiring a great deal of confidence. All this is true-- but what is also true is that Tom Brady in 2014 is not a great quarterback.

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