New England Patriots Announce 2014 Schedule
The start of the 2014 football season may seem far away when looking at a calendar but it'll be here before you know it. All football fans know little morsels of excitement the NFL feeds us like the schedule announcement, NFL Draft, OTA's, etc.are just getting us closer to kick-off! Here i…
A Confession – I Like Peyton Manning
I know Pats fans aren't supposed to but I like Peyton Manning. I like watching him play, I think he's great whenever he's on SNL, and he seems like a good guy in interviews. Heck, we even had the same neck surgery but that's another story. So why do Pats fans hate this guy?
Suspend Welker for Super Bowl
The NFL should suspend Wes Welker for his inexcusably dirty hit on Aqib Talib. Oh, I know it won't happen but it should.
Hulk Hogan Pulls For Pats [VIDEO]
Hey brother, Hulk Hogan knows the Patriots will be successful in every endeavor! If need be, you can tear off his arm and attach it to Brady. No, for real, watch the video.

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