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It’s National Pancake Day!
The internet told me it was Pancake Day and I mentioned this to my wife and, voila, pancakes for breakfast this morning! If you're just learning it is Pancake Day, you know you're totally allowed to have them for supper too
Hey, I’d Like to Be Overpaid!
Adam Sandler, the pride of Manchester Central High School, topped Forbes list of most overpaid actors of 2013. Before you get you get upset, consider this-- wouldn't you love to be on top of this list!?
Don’t Pick Up the Phone, I’m Shopping!
Well, here we are- Cyber Monday. For those of us of a certain age, we remember this as the time we returned to our work computers to shop because shopping on our home computers was, shall we say, a far more challenging endeavor in the days of dial up ("AAAGH, WHO PICKED UP THE PHONE!?&q…
Where Do The Dishes Go?
And you thought deep frying a turkey was being adventurous? How about cooking a turkey in your dishwasher.

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