Tunes the Elf

Tunes Takes The Wheel
I sprinkled myself with the 'invisible elf dust' that Santa gives us every year and I took a ride with Mark Ericson.  I felt safe, but when I went for a ride with 2K...well...
Elf On The Shelf
I figured since that is the whole point of who I am, I might as well take an 'elfie' sitting on an actual shelf!
Drive Responsibly
So, if you are keeping up with my shenanigans, you know I, "Tunes, the Elf," had a bit too much egg nog Sunday night at the radio station.  I did however, still have to keep my nightly appointment with Santa to report on the good and not so good jocks at the radio station...
It’s Super…Mark?
You know the Morning Waking Crew sure has a really cool office!  Look who I's a bird, it's a's SUPERMARK!
Uh-Oh, Roy Found Me!
Dang it!  Roy Sullivan from "The Big Drive Home" spotted me hanging around this afternoon.  I knew I was pushing my luck sneaking in the studio when he wasn't looking.

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