Dog Helps a Toddler with His Bedtime Routine in Adorable Video
Today is Stress Awareness Day and I think a lot of parents will agree that bedtime can be an awfully stressful way to wrap up the day. Maybe you need an extra set of hands to help you put the little ones down for the night. Or rather, a set of paws...
Help Us Find a Home for Bandit
Meet "Bandit", a beagle mix dog who recently came to visit us in Studio Big. We're trying to help the Cocheco Valley Humane Society find a home for him.
Girlfriend Dealing with Boyfriend’s Puns is Hysterical [VIDEO]
We all know that guy who makes puns all the time. I may be guilty of being that guy. As an experienced punster the thing I love most about puns is the reactions: the slight delay in recognizing the awful joke inflicted followed by a stifled smirk and eyeroll. That's precisely what makes this video r…

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