This Magic Trick Will Absolutely Mesmerize You [VIDEO]
I love magic. When those David Blaine specials are on tv? I watch. If I'm visiting Boston and there is a street magician by Faneuil Hall? I stop to see it. Now comes 31 year old Jaime Raven wowing the cast of Britain's Got Talent and I'm flat out amazed.
Funniest Brad Paisley Music Videos
It is no secret that Brad Paisley is a funny dude. He absolutely kills it when hosting the CMAs, he is always making the news for pulling pranks on whomever has the opportunity to tour with him and he writes hysterical songs.
This is the Proper Way to Pass Me a Beer [VIDEO]
Sure, you could just hand someone a beer but where is the fun in that?
When you can utilize a trampoline, slingshot, fishing pole, skate board, see-saw and any number of other props to pass that beer, you need to up your game. Funny or Die delivers (see what I did there) in their video titled, simply…

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