Cleo Roy will be paroled after being imprisoned since the mid 70's

Photo: Manchester PD Facebook Page

Just over 40 years to the day that Officer Ralph Miller was gunned down while breaking up a party, his killer has received parole.

55 year old Cleo Roy was incarcerated for Miller's murder in 1977.  He was sentenced to 50 years in prison.  The Union leader reports that a parole board made the decision today to parole Roy, who is now 55 years old.

Officer Miller's younger brother was on hand for the hearing.  He was not happy with the outcome.

It's a shame that Cleo Roy did not stop to think that behind the badge was a person with a family, parents who loved him and an all-around good human being that was fun to be around.  Mr. Roy can now see the light of day. I wish I could say the same for Ralph, who had it all taken away.

Cleo Roy expressed remorse over the killing.  He said that he had done it to prove himself to elder teenage boys at the party that night, which he held at his parents home.

I cannot and will not attempt to make an excuse nor can I ever repay what I stole from Officer Miller's wife and particularly what I stole from his children.  I killed a husband, a father, a son and a cop for the twisted reason of wanting to gain status with the older boys that were there.

Roy's release means that his 50 year sentence was cut down to 40 years.  Which is quite a surprise seeing that his behavior record while imprisoned is quite tarnished.

He escaped from a New Hampshire facility in 1977.  In 1988, Roy was charged with the murder of a fellow inmate, although he was never convicted.

In 2002, Roy was indicted on federal racketeering charges after joining 39 others connected with the Aryan Brotherhood.  The gang of inmates had created a prison network across the nation.  That conviction saw him get handed a sentence of 121 months added to his sentence in 2005.

The UL indicates that Roy will most likely be released to a halfway house to help him acclimate to life outside prison.