How big is country music right now? Well, I want go all John Lennon on you... Look it up kids... Here's a little help from one of our sister sites. Now, back to country. How big is it? So big that the folks at Rolling Stone Magazine are now fully on-board the twang-train.

They've just launched, they're publishing a special Rolling Stone Country issue which hits newsstands this Friday, and they've even opened a Nashville office. The print issues will come with two covers. One with Miranda Lambert and the other with Eric Church who will also be visiting the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester

To be fair, Rolling Stone has always covered country when there was something big and/or relevant happening. But an all-country edition and a dedicated country web site? That's new and that's big. Most of us were country when country wasn't cool (look that one up too kids), but it does feel pretty good knowing that the rest of the world is catching up with us!