Today, The Morning Waking Crew went all Stevie Wonder!  We decided to ask about weird superstitions (Stevie Wonder = Superstitious, get it!) and some of what we heard made us scratch our heads.  This all came about the other day when Mark went to the store and his receipt totaled $6.66.

Here is proof the Devil made contact with Mark...

Check out the total of Mark's CVS receipt! It's kind of freaky.

Comment of the Day

My favorite superstition comment was on Facebook this morning. Christine says she refused to eat the purple Flintstones vitamins because she thinks they're poisonous! I couldn't stop laughing thinking about all the poor purple vitamins left in the bottle.

Did you know for over twenty years there wasn't a 'Betty Rubble' shaped vitamin? The manufacturer finally 'caved' and replaced the Flintstone's car with Barney's wife.

Check out what I found in the archives! You'll notice at the :06 mark we don't see Betty.

Top News Stories

Settlement announced with Toyota
Attorney General Eric Holder announced a $1.2 billion settlement with Toyota. Under the agreement, Holder says the Japanese automaker will admit it misled U.S. consumers by making deceptive statements about two safety issues affecting its vehicles.

Shaheen gets fundraising help from Bay State
Senator Jeanne Shaheen is getting fundraising help from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren. As Scott Brown considers a Senate bid in New Hampshire, Warren has sent an email to supporters saying they helped her raise $40,000 for Shaheen over the weekend.

Friends of Abigail Release video
Friends of Abigail Hernandez who disappeared on the way home from her high school last fall have released a video and letters pleading for her return. The video also notes a $20,000 reward for information leading to her return.

Best Shakespearean Revenge Ever!

A man in the U.K. got his revenge on an online vendor, Macbeth style.  After not getting the PS3 he paid for, he decided to seek his revenge by texting the entire works of Shakespeare.  Since texting only allows a certain number of characters, can you imagine how many texts the fraud is receiving!

Joke du Jour

"Mark, my wife had her credit card stolen."
"Oh goodness what did you do?"
"Nothing.  The thief isn't spending nearly as much as she did!"

Today's Forecast

Meteorologist Rob Carolan says: Sunshine to start the day, but then turning partly cloudy with a high of 42...35 in the North Country.  Overnight, southern New Hampshire could see up to two inches of snow, while the North Country could possibly get 3-5 inches of snow by daybreak. Thursday morning's commute might be a little dicey, so be careful.

Coming Up Tomorrow...

Since tomorrow is the official start of Spring, we thought we'd talk about weird things you've found while Spring cleaning.  I remember one year, as I was getting my spring/summer shoes in order, I found a fifty dollar gift card inside one of the shoe boxes, that I totally forgot about.  It was a very happy day!

What strange or cool things have you found while cleaning?  Leave your comments below.