So, if you are keeping up with my shenanigans, you know I, "Tunes, the Elf," had a bit too much egg nog Sunday night at the radio station.  I did however, still have to keep my nightly appointment with Santa to report on the good and not so good jocks at the radio station.  So, when I awoke from my egg nog coma, I called my friends at the Exeter Police Department and asked if anyone was available for a quick trip a few thousand miles north to the Pole!  One lucky officer, who shall remain nameless offered to take me to my meeting.  (I may have promised there would be an extra toy under the tree for his little one!) It was alot of fun seeing a blue flashing light in the night sky instead of a red-nosed reindeer!  Nothing against Rudolph, but police officers are much cooler!!!

DARE to keep Elves of Egg Nog