No doubt about it... Drones are here to stay and people keep finding new uses for them!Sure, the military uses them for surveillance, targeting and blowing stuff up. A few months back we heard that Amazon was experimenting with drones to deliver your packages within hours of ordering instead of days. News media has been experimenting with them to shoot video. One enterprising pizza delivery business wanted to use them to deliver pizza but got shot down (yes, pun intended) by the Federal Aviation Administration.

But now a dad in the U.K. has come up with something new... Drone Dentistry! His oh-so-game son had a loose tooth that needed to go. Options would include everything from the dad-ly "reach into the kid's mouth and yank" to "tie a string to the tooth and a doorknob and slam the door".

This dad's solution was use the family quad-copter to get the job done. Seems to work pretty well and his son doesn't seem any worse off and in fact seemed to enjoy it. I bet he can't wait until he needs his tonsils out!