Part of the fun of my job is figuring out what we'll use for Stupid News each morning at 7:50. I read a lot of stories trying to find something that will work well on the radio. Occasionally I come across something that will work better here at

Say "hello" to the Edible Mist Machine!  It's a gadget that emits an "edible" fog that allows straw-wielding users to "sip" in tastes like bacon and lobster without any of the guilt of actually eating it. It's made by a company called... Wait for it... Lick Me I'm Delicious. The U.K. based foodie inventors say the spacey-looking machine can emit 200 different "delicious" flavored vapors, that can be indulged with no calories.

Before you decide that you and your diet just have to have one of these things, you should know that the price tag is around $8400.00!