I never thought I had such an usual pallet but lately I have noticed there are foods I enjoy that other people find down right repulsive. I narrowed the list down to the top five. It would be comforting if you could tell me I am not alone in enjoying these foods but also, I don't want to be lied to.

1) Cottage Cheese

I am a big cottage cheese eater but I know a lot of people find its lumpy texture unsettling. I can't get enough cottage cheese, I eat it with a fork straight out of the tub! (I know, that's a whole new level) My favorite is the low fat chive and toasted onion cottage cheese. nom nom nom.

Slim Jims

I love dried up sausage and I don't care who knows it. No road trip of mine is complete without a pack of these bad boys.

Chopped Liver

Maybe it's because I grew up having it on Jewish holidays but chopped liver spread on Challah bread just fills me with a sense of delicious nostalgia.

Deviled Eggs

Okay, every time I bring these to a party they sit there all uneaten and sad among the more popular dips and exciting things. I end up going over to them and shoving a few in my pie hole hoping people will follow my lead but alas, no one ever does. Am I the only person on planet earth that finds deviled eggs delightful? Or do people love the but are just trying to avoid getting gas at dinner parties? I wish I knew.


Candy Corn Pumpkins

Everyone says these are by far the worst Halloween treats of them all. So what if they have more sugar in three of them than you should consume in an entire day? I love 'em! Always have.

Well there you have it. Five things I love to consume that other folks think are repulsive. Are there any foods you enjoy that people give you flak for?