Times are tough and higher education is only getting pricier. Some people would prefer to start working right out of highschool instead of racking up student loans that you need to pay off for years to come. There are attainable jobs in NH that don't require a college education.

First Line Supervisors For Correctional Officers- Working in our prison system takes a special kind of person. However if you think you can handle the work environment the payoff is pretty substantial. Around 57,000 to be precise.

Elavator Mechanic- Though this job has its ups and downs (HA!) people in this profession can make over 80,000 a year.

Real Estate Agent- A college degree is not 100% necessary in order to practice real estate in NH. However the testing for a license can be costly and time consuming. Below is a link to the steps one must take to obtain a real estate license in the state of NH.

Become a Real Estate Broker In NH

UPS Driver- You really work your tail off for this job but it is not uncommon for drivers to make up to 74,000 a year (according to Business Insider). Pretty comfy!

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Entertainment- When it comes to earning potential in this industry the sky is the limit. As I am sure you are aware it is extremely competitive but plenty of people from New Hampshire have gone on to have sucessful careers in entertainment. Just look at Sir Sandler!

Do you have a great job that you didn't need to obtain a college degree for? Let us know in the comments section!