Well October has arrived and you know what that means! PUMPKIN SPICED LATTES ALL DAY EVERYDAY. Whoa, Kira simmer down now.

ALSO it's time to start some Halloween costume brainstorming. Halloween is a real treat for the kiddos but they don't need to have ALL the fun. Don't you want to be that guy or gal who walks into a party on Hallows eve and people respond with "BAHAHAHA oh that's a good one!"

Here are five New England Inspired Halloween costumes that are garunteed to get a great response:

Tom Brady

Carrying around a few deflated footballs in tow is a must for this costume and if you can incorporate some kale that would also be awesome. (As Tom has revealed his diet habits this past year and it's a whoe lot of greens)

Amy Poehler (as Leslie Knope)

nbcparksandrec via Instagram

Though Leslie Knope is from Pawnee Indiana on Parks and Recreation, Amy Poelher the actress that portrays her is from good ole Burlington Massachusetts so this costume is New England inspired in my book! A pants suit and a Knope 2012 pin is really all you would need to accomplish this get up.

Big Papi

With it being David Ortiz's final season on the Red Sox, something tells me we are going to see a lot of Big Papi costumes out there. If you go down this road make sure you have the essential props aka a Dunkins Iced Coffee, glove, maybe a bag of his own branded tortilla chips! The options are endless!

The Walburgers

You and two friends could be the Wahlberg clan. One could dress as Chef Paul and then Mark and Donnie could be dressed circa New Kids On The Block era...oh the possibilities.

Sabrina the Teenage WitchΒ 

nxtgem_official via Instagram

This show took place in a fictional town in Massachusetts and if you can round up two other friends they can be Sabrina's two kooky aunts! Oh and don't forget to carry around a stuffed black cat (or real one depending on committed you are to your character) to be your "Salem."

Do you know what you are dressing up as yet?!