With Christmas come and gone, the question is how long do you hold onto your Christmas tree and decorations? When I was a kid, we always took things down on New Years Day. With my own kids, the tree and decorations sometimes stayed up until someone got around to it, and that was usually my daughter.  Then, you wonder what to do with the tree? When I had a forest behind me the answer was simple, you just drag it out to the brush pile. Living in a city or town you have to wait for the official collection days.  Most cities and towns have official days that you can put your tree out for curbside pickup. In Dover you can take them to the recycling center on Mast Road. In Exeter Public Works will pick them up from January 7th through the 11th.  In Manchester Christmas tree pickup will be from January 6th through January 17th.  Mine? I got a fake tree a few years back and it’s going back in the box this weekend.  Have a happy and safe one!