That was our question this morning.  Some of the reasons listeners use Google ranged from info on your child's homework project, various ailments, hybrid animals and my personal favorite...How to castrate a rooster!  Denise in Haverhill, Massachusetts says she has a lot of odd questions for Google lately.  There is a perfectly good explanation for this.  Denise is in school for farming.  Makes sense now, doesn't it?

How In The World Did We Not Know About This

Apparently, we didn't 'Google' 'Chocolate Chip Cookie Day,' because it's today.

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Top News Stories

Los Angeles Oil Spill
A half-mile oil spill has sloshed into the streets of the Los Angeles suburb of Glendale. The Los Angeles Fire Department says a ruptured oil pipe spilled about 50,000 gallons of crude oil onto streets before it was remotely shut off.

Services Announced For Officer Arkell
A memorial service has been scheduled for next week for Officer Stephen Arkell of Brentwood who was shot to death after responding to a domestic disturbance call Monday.The memorial service is scheduled for Wednesday, May 21. It's being held at Exeter High School at 11 a.m. Before that, police are scheduled to pay their respects to Arkell at the school Tuesday. Gov. Maggie Hassan has declared it Law Enforcement Memorial Week in the state and has directed flags remain at half-staff in honor of Arkell through the day of his funeral.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition May Have Led To Deadly Crash
Police say a pre-existing medical condition may be to blame for a fiery car crash in Mexico, Maine that took the life of cab driver, Gary McGuire.The accident is still under investigation.

Time For Roy Sullivan To Shave Off His Playoff Beard

credit Getty Images Jared Wickerham

Game 8, anyone?

Traffic Trouble On RT 101 Causes Delays

We began reporting this accident around 7am.  Route 101 eastbound was a nightmare of a ride during peak rush-hour traffic.  Apparently, a tractor-trailer rolled into a ditch near exit 5 in Raymond.  It's not clear at this point if there were any injuries involved. Thanks to @LacyJaneFolger for tweeting pix of the crash and delays.

credit Lacy Jane Folger

Yes, Lacy was stopped in traffic when she took the pictures and yes, she did wait until she was at work to tweet them.  Thanks again, Lacy.


Intervals of clouds and sun, maybe a shower and a high of 78.  Partly sunny in the North Country and a high of 77.

Stupid News

A 33-year-old man who went to Thailand to train as a kickboxer lost more than 112 pounds over the course of a year.  When he tried to board a plane back home, custom officials would not allow him to do so, since his passport photo did not match what the man now looked like.  He had to go through his iPad and show authorities a progression of training and weight loss pictures over the course of a year to prove it was actually him.

Joke du Jour

One morning a man was sitting at the breakfast table enjoying his coffee when his wife came up from behind him and clobbered him with a frying pan. She started screaming that she found a piece of paper with the name 'Mary Lou' written on it.  The husband told her it was the name of the horse he bet on.  The next morning as the man was enjoying his breakfast, his wife clobbered him once again with a frying pan. When asked why, she replied, "your horse called!"

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Want tickets to see Travis Tritt?  Tell us about 'weird stuff you're good at.'  We welcome in studio the American Heart Association to talk about the upcoming CPR events being held in New Hampshire.