Comics and TV have been doing it for years. Bobby died in "Dallas", and he's still alive years later in the current TNT reboot of the show. Superman got the snot beat out of him and died in the comics, yet he now seems to be back to his old super-self. But Archie? Really!? They're killing him off?

Here's what we know: There is a current comic book series which is essentially the lives of Archie and his gang of friends as grown-ups. Archie is still ageless and timeless, not to mention breathing, in the regular Archie comic series and apparently will be for quite some time.

The writers say they started the post-Riverdale High "Life With Archie" series five years ago and always knew it had an ending and that the ending was the main character's demise. Word is that Archie dies heroically. In what may be a too-close-to-real-life scenario, Archie is apparently the victim of a shooting. We'll assume he dies as an innocent bystander and that it's not some sort of drug-deal-gone-bad situation.

The story, and Archie, all go down in issue 36 of "Life With Archie". Writers say there will be an issue 37, that will look at the gang one year after Archie's unfortunate demise. That issue they say will conclude the series.