Though one of New Hampshire's lesser known lakes, Newfoundland Lake is actually the cleanest lake in the state (and possibly in the United States.)

Why is the lake so pristine? The watershed (area surrounding the lake) is 100 square miles of mostly undeveloped forest. These untouched trees are able to naturally and continuously filter the lake year round.

There are also measures taken by volunteers and the community to stop man made problems, such as checking all boats and equipment for invasive plants and bacteria before entering the water.

Newfoundland lake is one of New Hampshire's largest lakes at approximately 6 miles long and 2.5 miles wide. It is gorgeously settled amid thick foliage and the mountains.

Watch as Ted Reidstein of WCVB5 Boston explores the lake here.

The Newfoundland Lake Region association gives eco-tours of the lake, as well as many other ongoing programs. Check out for more information.