We all lost an hour with the return of Daylight Saving over the weekend. What with the temps rising above 40 for the first time in ages, I lost another hour trying to pick away at the ice that has stubbornly set up shop at the bottom of my driveway since November.

Seriously, it's a beast and requires a strategy to defeat. Can I break it from the middle out-- or should I go from the outside in? Should I dump some salt in the center and see if the melted ice will pool up and loosen the neighboring glaciers? And when I finally pry free a footlong chunk by spiking the shovel in underneath, the rush of adrenaline is oddly satisfying.

Ultimately, though, I conceded defeat and retreated indoors as the temperatures fell once more. My new strategy is simply waiting for spring. It make take until April, but I'm going to win yet, icy driveway!