If you want to know how to really spoil your pet, you should check out our Facebook pages.Both our Facebook pages, The Morning Waking Crew and WOKQ, have an amazing array of gifts and necessities that humans get for their four-legged furry family members.   

I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes waaay overboard to make sure their baby is spoiled!

While you're checking out our Facebook pages for the ways people spoil their pets, check out our corn on the cob survey!  Who knew there are so many 'correct' ways to eat the maize.

Fan Fest Thursday Night

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Have you made plans to get out of work early Thursday to join us for our annual WOKQ Fan Fest at New Hampshire Motor Speedway?  It's gonna be a fun-filled night at the track. By the way, did you hear who will be in the pace car Sunday at the race?


Mix of clouds and sun with the chance of a shower or thunderstorm and 90.  Occasional sun in the North Country, maybe a thunderstrom and 86.

Top News Stories

Two Arrested In NYC For Allegedly Operating A Drone
Police in New York City have arrested two people for operating a drone over the George Washington Bridge that came within 800 feet of a police helicopter. Police say the Aviation Unit helicopter spotted the small unmanned aircraft early Monday morning as it circled the bridge, forcing the chopper to change course to avoid it. Two men were arrested after the drone landed on a parked vehicle.

Bicyclist Hospitalized
A bicyclist remains hospitalized in critical condition after his bike hit a car yesterday. Authorities say James Landry of Nashua was riding against traffic when he ran a red light and hit the car, throwing him from his electric-assisted bicycle. He also was not wearing a helmet, with police saying he suffered a head injury.

Fabyan Guard Station Getting Restoration
A Forest Service built cabin in the White Mountain National Forest is getting restoration work. The Fabyan Guard Station was built in 1923, making it one of the oldest structures in the national forest. The group HistoriCorps is working to repair the cabin's foundation and do other work, including replacing rotten logs.

Stupid News

A baseball fan is suing ESPN for making fun of him for catching a nap at a recent ballgame.

Joke du Jour

One day, a real quack was peddling his magic elixir on the street corner.  You could hear him shouting..."Look at me, I drink this magic miracle every day and I'm over 300 years old"  A woman, doubtful of his claim asked his assistant if he was really 300 years old.  The man said, "I couldn't tell you, I've only worked for him for 103 years!"

Coming Up Wednesday

We'll chat to NH Fish and Game about the bear population in New Hampshire.  Plus, we'll have another pair of tickets to see...

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