Thanks to all who came out to the Cocheco Valley Humane Society's "Tails to Trails" fundraiser on Sunday. There were loads of vendors, lots of people and their dogs and several demonstrations. One of which was from the New Hampshire Police K-9 Academy. Long-time listeners know that I serve on the Board of Directors of the Working Dog Foundation, the group that funds the academy. Over the years I've helped out with the police K-9 demos in various capacities. Sometimes I stand around with a microphone and talk. Sometimes they turn a dog loose on me.

To be fair, the officers only do this with me with dogs that are at a certain level of training or better and it's all very controlled. I wear a sleeve that is loaded with padding on the outside and framed in steel on the inside. The only trick is... Be sure the dog doesn't miss! I've done this a bunch of times, but I confess that the last milli-second when you see the dog in mid-air with their mouth open wide and you can practically count the dog's teeth can be very unsettling. Sunday was my first bite from K-9 Gipsy and her human partner Sgt. George Joy of the Barrington Police Department.

While my "taking the bite" was a crowd favorite, it's important to remember that the event was a fundraiser for our friends at CVHS and in pledges alone, the day brought in over $8000.00. Thank you to all who helped.

Speaking of help... The Working Dog Foundation has a golf tournament coming up in just 2 weeks at the gorgeous Portsmouth Country Club. Still room for golfers and sponsors, get more info right here.