Ice cream, Ice cream, Ice cream!  We can't get enough of ice cream!Today we chatted about what toppings you like to put on your ice cream.  Our Facebook page was covered with yummy ideas.  By the way, speaking of Facebook, have you 'liked' the station's Facebook page?

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The entire morning, I was craving vanilla soft serve.  Lucky kitty

Portsmouth Greek Festival

It's time for the 38th annual St. Nicholas Greek Festival.  It's always a great time to enjoy delish Greek food, entertainment and oh, did I mention delish Greek food!  By the way, John Stamos is in NO WAY AFFILIATED with the Portsmouth Greek Festival, but I thought the ladies might like to take a 5-second daydream!

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I didn't forget about the men.  Again...Maria Menounos is in NO WAY AFFILIATED with the Portsmouth Greek Festival.

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Okay, you're 5-second daydream break is over.  Please get back to work!

Top News Stories

Man Arrested At Kennedy Compound
A 53-year-old man is in police custody in Massachusetts after authorities say he was discovered in the kitchen of a home on the Kennedy compound once owned by John F. Kennedy. Police say James Lacroix told investigators he was looking for singer Katy Perry.

Morning Crash Kills One
Authorities say there's been fatal crash in Merrimack. Department of Transportation spokesman Bill Boynton says the accident happened at about 6:20 a.m. this morning on Route 101A at the intersection of Continental Boulevard. The accident involved a collision between a car and a Dump truck.

Mass Man Identified As Drowning Victim  
State police have identified a Massachusetts man who drowned in Lake Winnipesaukee on Monday. A lifeguard recovered Oscar Hernandez Gonzalez in a start park swimming area of the lake that was about 7 feet deep and he was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Stupid News

The TSA says it's giving all agents in Orlando, Florida a refresher course on where Washington, DC. is located.  This, after a TSA agent asked a traveler for his passport because he didn't recognize the man's license from the District of Columbia.

Joke du Jour

The question is...How blonde is she?

...she was so blonde she thought quarterback was a refund.
...she was so blonde she thought meow mix was a cd for cats.
...she was so blonde she took a ruler to bed to see how long she slept.

Coming Up Thursday

It's a split edition of The Morning Waking Crew.  Mark will be broadcasting from Studio North in North Conway, while the rest of the team stays in Studio Big. We have another pair of tickets to this Saturday night's "Night of Fire" at New England Dragway.