Water heater started leaking the other day.  Don't you just hate it when that happens?

It's one of those no option situations.  The thing is like 10-12 years old, it's leaking and it becomes a ticking time bomb.  It's a small leak right now, but any minute this thing is going to unleash a 40 gallon tidal wave of hot water!  It means you not only have to find a plumber fast, but you have to find a fast plumber!  Good luck with that.

Karen's dad had a recommendation of a guy that he's used before, but was pretty sure the guy was retired.  Weird thing is, I remember seeing this van around for some plumber who felt it necessary to actually have the words "Not Retied" on the side of his van.  Mind you, this is totally old school van graphics.  Not vinyl letters, not a screen or a wrap or any of that sexy stuff they do to vans these days.  This stuff is painted onto the side of his van... Paint!

At any rate, the guy showed up, left, got a new water heater, came back and had the whole deal done in 90 minutes!  Sometimes the best school is old school!

Ericson Photo

d school!