To the casual listener, it might sound like we're just sitting here in Studio Big playing music and having fun talking about cool stuff.  What you don't see, and what we keep to ourselves, is the fact that just about anything could be going on at any given time. My day started by walking into Mark Ericson's office and wondering why the pants were taken off of the Penguin Place penguin and placed in his waste basket. Did the penguin eat some spicy Mexican food that didn't quite agree with him?

And Then 2K Karen Kiley was getting "cozy" with the aforementioned penguin. Note that the penguin STILL has no pants!

Mark Ericson brought his adorable granddaughter into the studio showing our engineer Bob Perry how he wanted something wired up. Finally Bob tore Studio Big into little pieces while I'm supposed to paying attention to my show. Yup, no two days are ever the same here which is why I've always liked it so much!