A fan nearly lost an engagement ring when he was about to propose to his girlfriend during the fifth inning of the Red Sox-Yankees game.

It's always a nerve-wracking moment when you're planning to ask someone to marry you. Lots can go wrong if you're not paying attention, or perhaps you've got thousands of people, a camera crew and TV broadcasts in New York and Boston looking on. What pressure?

Andrew Fox had it all planned out to ask Heather Terwilliger to marry him and being a die-hard Yankees fan he knew it had to be at the stadium. So he dropped to one knee and while opening the ring box, it fell out and disappeared.

Everyone in the section searched for the ring for 5 minutes.  Yankee's play by play announcer Micheal Kay even chimed in:  "Oh, look at this poor guy!"

After about 5 minutes, the ring was located in the cuff of her pants.  Andrew dropped to a knee again and she said: "Yes". The Crowd roared!