By this time, we've all been somewhere nearby when a TV station or network is doing what's termed as "a live shot". A reporter is covering some news story or event and there's a van or truck with all the technical gear to get the signal back to the TV station.

Over time it became common to see people in the background of a live shot look at the camera and wave. But at some point, this became outright rudeness with people jumping into the shot, usually screaming something inane and running away.

Reporters now seem more prepared for this foolishness. Take Musikfest in Bethlehem, PA. A couple of reporters were covering the event and got interrupted by a guy in a Batman t-shirt. The more, ummmm... seasoned of the two reporters reacted by hitting the guy. The move seems to be somewhere between a shove and a punch, but in either case it's not bad.

What do you think? How does this move compare to Jim Cantore of The Weather Channel dispatching a college kid last Winter?

You decide!