Yes, you read that correctly.

At least two area colleges received reports of clowns spotted on campus overnight.

At UNH, Durham Police confirmed to WMUR that they had received reports of a clown wandering the campus.  No weapons were included in the report, but those who filed the report say the clown was carrying a megaphone.

Police said they received the report around 10 p.m and continue to investigate.

Meanwhile in North Andover MA officials have now lifted a shelter-in-place order following reports that a person dressed as a clown, possibly armed, was seen walking around the campus of Merrimack College.

According to WCVB, the reports of the sightings didn't come directly from people on campus rather from a Twitter feed called "Clown Watch" in which someone said they spotted the armed jokester on campus.

Following this, college officials put the shelter-In-place order late last night. A spokesperson for the college, Jim Chavelli, told WCVB

Merrimack College was reportedly listed on that (twitter feed.) Someone saw Merrimack listed and alerted campus officials.

The order was lifted hours later after a campus search revealed no clowns to be on the campus.