The Morning Waking Crew was having a little fun at Mom's expense this morning.

Dishes Gone Wrong

We all know our Mom is usually foolproof in the kitchen, but sometimes things do go awry.

Michelle, who lives in Maine, told us about the time her Mom tried to make homemade fudge, but it "turned out like soup." Fudge soup still sounds delicious to me!

Bill in Manchester says his Mom thought a stuffed turkey meant leaving the turkey intact. Bill went on to say, "If Betty Crocker or Aunt Jemima doesn't make it, neither does my Mom!"

Cocheco Valley Humane Society Visits Studio Big

Alaina and Tracie from CVHS were in studio and they brought this little guy.  Buddy is a 9-year-old terrier-mix and so freakin' adorable.  He needs a new home, his owner went into a nursing home.  Please adopt Buddy, if you're looking for a new bestie!

Look at the face!

It's also kitten season and the shelter is full of little felines looking for their forever homes.

credit Getty Images, Christopher Furlong

Alex Preston Will Know Tonight if He's in the Top 3

Check out Mark's story on Mont Vernon's Alex Preston. We'll find out who moves on to be in the top 3 tonight.  We interviewed the local singing sensation yesterday, and he told us he's already received a few wedding proposals.

Speaking of Idol, do you remember when Carrie Underwood won?

credit Getty Images, Kevin Winter

Can you believe it's Season 13 of Idol? Carrie Underwood was the winner in the fourth season. Seems like so long ago.  What's your favorite Carrie Underwood song? I like 'Good Girl.' It's a great song for your work-out!


Rob Carolan says it's going to be sunny in the morning hours, with clouds rolling in this afternoon, high 72...a bit cooler along the coast due to the sea breeze.  The North Country should expect partly sunny skies and a high of 65.

Top News Stories

Rebels Claim Aleppo Bombing
The Islamic Front rebel group is claiming responsibility for a "huge explosion" in northern Syria. The bombing leveled a hotel used by government troops as a military base, along with several other buildings.

Fatal Shooting in Rochester Was a Homicide
The attorney general's office says a fatal shooting in Rochester was a homicide. The victim, 37-year-old Richard Dumont of Rochester - was treated at the scene and taken to a hospital, where he died of his injuries. Police have determined the shooting did not involve strangers and have identified those involved.

Wind Project Does Not Get Fed Grant
A University of Maine-led offshore wind pilot project has failed to a win a key $47 million grant from the federal government. The Department of Energy says the Maine Aqua Ventus project has been selected as an alternate and could resubmit later if one of the winners falls short of its obligations.

Stupid News

In Peru, Amasifuen Gamarra's parachute failed to open.  After a five-thousand-foot freefall, the 31-year-old survived.  How the heck does that happen?

Go B's!

credit Getty Images, Francois

Game 4 between the Boston Bruins and the Habs tonight.  Are you keeping up with the 'Bruins Playoff-Beard-off?'

Joke du Jour

One night, a lawyer's wife started complaining to her husband that their home needed to be updated.  She wanted new kitchen appliances, new drapes and a bathroom makeover.  The lawyer husband said:  "Don't worry sweetheart, I have a divorce case today and as soon as I ruin their home, we can fix ours!"

Coming Up Friday With the Morning Waking Crew

As we wrap up the week, tell us about the nicknames your Mom had for you, or you have for your kids.  Plus, we'll end the week with belly laughs.  Comedian Bob Marley will visit Studio Big!